Branding PM - Karma Style

I've been really thinking lately about what my brand is...
What does my name mean to you when you hear it? That's what happens when you yourself are the brand - not playing a character or living behind the scenes. Right. Out. Front.
I ponder this often as I make my way through the business world with my various endeavours and to align what I want and feel good about with all the products out there? What do they represent? Why would they want me?
Nowadays, integrity counts. You've all seen old tweets or social media that exposes hateful thoughts - let's reject that.
Here in MY world of Peter Madrigal I accept and promote great products and brands I personally curate to my taste.
Recently, when heading back to Caesars Palace for our 2nd #LikeACaesar campaign during March Madness I was thinking about this and then THIS HAPPENED...
I was presented with this AMAZING charcoal Karma with ultra cool sapphire blue interior that Towbin Motors loaned me for the entire stay in LV!
HUGE #SHH shoutout of thanks to Morgan Josephs <-- follow her on twitter) who handled every single last detail from personally bringing the Karma to Caesars entry for me!
Stay tuned for my PM Review of that sexy, SEXY car coming soon...
Learn about the ladies who run Towbin HERE